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PFA & Co is determined to provide clients with a broad level of quality support in the widest range of corporate services. PFA & Co. is a Chartered Accountants company that provides full audit, assurance, tax, regulatory and business consultancy services.

Audit and Assurance Services

We offer audit services for large medium and small businesses including Manufacturing, Trading and non-corporate entities, in compliance with various legislation. Our Audit services include

  • Statutory Audits under Companies Act, Income Tax Act, and GST Act.
  • Internal and Management Audits
  • Due Diligence
  • Special Audits
  • Pre Investment Audit

Tax and Regulatory Services

Indian tax laws are rapidly changing, with complexities and complications. We provide you with information and observations on improvements to the fiscal climate and guidance on the design of effective tax roles and approaches to satisfy the business requirements. Our Tax Service includes


  • Obtaining PAN, TAN
  • Income Tax Planning and IT Return filing for individuals and corporates.
  • E-TDS return filing
  • Attending scrutiny assessment
  • Drafting appeals and appearing before the CIT
  • Conducting Tax Audit and submission of Audit Report
  • Issue of Certification for repatriation of funds from India
  • Tax planning and tax consultancy for Resident as well as Non Resident assesses

Indirect Tax Services

India continues to evolve and is extremely volatile in its indirect tax system which is very complicated with multi-layered taxes at federal and state level. The implementation of GST has led to significant shifts in economic outlook and the manner in which activities in India have undergone, and the risks associated with them have also increased. We, P F A & Co. offer extensive services including:

  • Registration, modification and amendments under GST Act
  • Filing GST returns such as Sahaj, Sukham, 3B, 1, 9, 4, etc
  • Obtaining Letter of Undertaking (LUT) for export of services or goods
  • Audit under GST laws
  • Attending to the Notices issued under GST Laws
  • Consultation and advise on GST matters
  • Assisting in obtaining GST Refunds
  • 2A reconciliation and efficient use of available tax credits.

Risk Consulting Services

Only by recognizing and mitigating inherent and residual risks at earlier phases is an organization able to achieve its full potential. Organizations should be coordinated, governed and responsible in a highly competitive environment. We help companies identify and handle risks to monitor their goals and targets. We offer training and advisory services in the form of risk management methods, methodologies, effective deployment and post implementation assessments.

Incorporation and Startup Assistance

Our team supports the incorporation of different forms of legal persons in India. The department analyzes and offers guidance on the form and arrangement of the legal entities appropriate for the clients on financial conditions, company scale, capital requirements and the complexities involved.

  • Incorporation of
  • Private Limited Companies Private Limited Companies
  • Partnership Firm
  • One Person Company
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Partnership Firm
  • Cooperative Societies and Trusts
  • Import Export Code License (IEC)
  • Digital Signature Certificates

Management Consultancy Services

PFA & Co works through the integration of various methods and solutions for consultation. For complex political, accounting and market demands, we are specialized in dealing with clients from various time zones in different industries. It includes

  • Advice on strategy for starting a business in India
  • Advice on formation and company structure in India and outside India– Cash Flow Forcasting, Financial position reporting & Analysis
  • Selection of appropriate software and its implementation
  • Stock audits, cash audit and Risk Audit services
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Business Deeds, Agreements and Contracts

Corporate Advisory Service

A merger or an acquisition can add or deplete significant value to a company, so ensure that each step of the transaction procedure – from assessment to diligence discussions and completion, successful; requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Our practical approach makes effective purchases simpler.

We Do the following:

  • Trade Marks & IP Laws
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Valuation of the business
  • Company Law Advisories & Filings
  • ISO Certification
  • Business Valuation
  • Guidance in Disinvestment Strategy- Private Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships & compliances

Project Consultancy Services

PFA & Co will provide assistance for our clients in carrying out a feasibility study on market forecasts, financial planning advisory services and capital structuring, financial estimates forecasting. Our experienced team will guide you on the best option for funding the project and help prepare progress reports to guarantee that you earn the most suitable sum in the shortest time.

Capital Budgeting

Risk Evaluation of Business

  • Advice on formation and company structure in India and outside India
  • Planning, budgeting and feasibility analysis.
  • Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statement
  • Liquidity and Working Capital analysis

Labour Law Consulting Services

We offer advisory services on workplace policy, and undertake labor law compliance with numerous labour & social security regulations on topics such as Employee Provident Fund, Employee’s State Insurance, Factories Act, Allocation of salaries, Minimum wages, Bonus payments, Maternity/ Paternity Benefits  and other specific state labor compliance services. We also provide consulting and advisory services for Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Shops & Establishments etc.

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